Business Without Tears

The Professional Way to Eliminate Mistakes and Secure Success is a resource where coaches, mentors or advisers can help their clients identify their strengths, discover aspects that may require further attention or experiment with alternative strategies, all without risking real assets or people. Business Games can help develop the confidence needed to take on a new challenge, whether it’s a promotion, starting up a new enterprise, growing an existing business or diversifying into new markets. They do for business decision makers what flight simulators do for pilots - but in even less time.

In the transport business, mistakes can be hazardous – not just for passengers and crew but for innocent bystanders. The public rightly demands the highest safety standards. Those at the controls usually hold some form of licence and must demonstrate competence on a regular basis.

In other types of business, when things go wrong, it's just as likely for staff, customers, shareholders and suppliers to be put at risk. Yet, to all intents, we are all free to start, acquire or run a business without really knowing if we have all the necessary skills to survive, let alone succeed. A staggering proportion fails. It's unlikely to be a coincidence that no licensing system exists for businesses. With 4.8 million of them in the UK alone, it's not hard to figure out why but what if we could enjoy the benefits without the need for costly administration and enforcement?

Typical business game results

The virtual world provides a quick, easy and cost-effective answer in the form of on-line "generic" business games. These focus on the basic cause-and-effect principles which apply to businesses of all sizes and in any sector.

They are “internally interactive” – revealing how a policy change in one discipline can impact others.

They are also “externally interactive” – showing how policy changes by one competitor can impact others.

Imagine running a virtual business, overcoming typical challenges, setting realistic forecasts, converting losses to profits and building market share, while overcoming customer service and quality issues? You might also have to handle a market downturn, a credit crunch or a labour dispute. What if:

  • you could decide your priorities, objectives, strategies and policy decisions for the coming year and see the results within minutes?
  • you could compete against others in a virtual market, comparing your company's performance with those of your competitors, interpreting trends, learning from experience and adapting to changing circumstances for up to six trading periods - and all this at a time of your own choosing?
  • your performance were assessed not just on the value of the company you’ve helped create but how well you’ve balanced the interests of staff, customers, shareholders and suppliers?
  • areas with the greatest scope for improvement or discover hidden blind spots were highlighted?

"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no-one has thought."

Albert Szent-Gyorgi, 1937 Nobel Laureate